SECOM was founded by Makoto Ida in 1962 as the first security company in Japan. In 1966, SECOM (Japan) has developed the first on-line security system for commercial use in Japan and built a country-wide infrastructure.

Established since 1991 with only 1 Subscriber and 5 staffs to where we are today having more than 4500 Subscribers, 758 Staffs and 16 Response Depots throughout Malaysia. The core of SECOM’s Security Services are the Central Monitoring, 24 x 7 Response, Service and Maintenance.

Through our strong partnerships with The Lion Group, SECOM (Japan) and Koperasi Polis Diraja Malaysia (KPDRM), and with the support and trust from our Subscribers, SECOM (Malaysia) has grown to become the most reliable security provider in Malaysia. As our businesses continue to grow, SECOM will run extra mile and continue to meet our Subscribers’ expectations.

SECOM offers specialized security guard services in Malaysia, catering to both Nepalese and local individuals. Our comprehensive programs are designed to equip aspiring security personnel with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of security services.​

With a strong commitment to safety and security, SECOM (Malaysia) ensures that our in-house security guard receives top-notch instruction from experienced professionals. As the demand for professional security guard services in Malaysia continues to rise, our program ensures that individuals are well-prepared to meet the challenges of this demanding profession.

The presence of a security guards on the premises often serves as a visible deterrent to potential intruders and provide protection on client’s site. With the increasing levels of criminal activities, the demand for the security guard services are expected to be very high compared to the last few decades. SECOM is specialized in providing highly trained Nepalese security guards as well as local guards and our guards are highly rated in the security industry. Although our security guard rates are determined on an hourly basis and the cost is above the market rate, the subscribers can be assured of quality and results with SECOM guards.